The soul is the same in all living creatures although the body of each is different.



Our Mission

To improve the welfare of pet dogs in our community by providing outstanding force-free enrichment to dogs of all sizes, breeds and temperaments.


Our Values

A commitment to Force-free techniques, Continuing Education, and Animal Welfare.

Why choose us?

Please take the time to browse our site and feel free to get in touch if there is a service you require and cannot see listed as we will always do our best to accommodate you and your pooch.


We are very flexible and can either provide a daily or occasional service suited to you and your dogs needs.


Initial dog walking consultations will be held at your home and are always free. We'll go through your pooches routine so we can ask any questions we may have, and so you can also ask any questions you have! Please let us know if your dog has ANY allergies before our meet and greet as the walkers will be bringing delicious treats to help let your dog know we're here to have fun!

- Dogs can be walked on an individual basis or in a group

- Each dog walk can be tailored to meet your dogs individual needs

- Dogs are walked STRICTLY on leash

We can Provide Multiple Visits

We can come and visit your pets at whatever time of the day you need us to, and can do multiple visits per day. To make it more authentic and provide peace of mind we offer a personalized pet care journal which will give you current updates on our visit, what we got up to as well as photos! Just let us know at our meet and greet.