All of our care happens in your home where your dog will feel the most comfortable, and be less stressed.




Don't quite need a full hour long walk? Just a quick piddle and water refill? Absolutely we can accomodate you! We'll send a leader over, and give some extra cuddles too!

Want to take a mini vacation and can't bring the dogs? That's ok! At Wild Tails we can help you out by coming to your home 3 times a day to check on your pet. We do our very best to make sure they're comfortable at home and won't get into too much mischief.


What would a typical day look like?

First thing in the morning we'll come get your loved one for a morning walk! We'll go for an hour, enjoy the crisp morning air before we come back and get everyone fed and watered. 

We  come back around noon for a pee break and water check - and lets not forget the cuddles! Evenings will consist of another hour long walk, food, water and lots more cuddles before they yawn and nod off for the night.