Exploring the pathways and sidewalks of Airdrie with friends is the most fun your dog will have all day!



Ready for an Adventure?

All Breeds, temperaments, and sizes are welcome on pack and private walks!
We take paw care very seriously at Wild Tails. That is why every exporer gets their nails trimmed before walks if needed, and paws checked and cleared of heavy debris after walks.


Be advised, safety does come first and a reactive dog may be asked to wear a muzzle for everyone's safety, including their own.

Our pack walks are the perfect way to get your explorers active and engaged.
Our groups are carefully selected to ensure everyone gets along.


While on our pack walks every dog is given a job too! Whether it be helping carry water for the pack, bringing along nutritious protein snacks, or making sure there's enough poo bags to go around, everyone ensures the success of the adventure.

Some dogs benefit from more specialized one-on-one care. Whether it's reactivity, a bit of fear, or just a preference; Victoria is up for the job! During the Meet and Greet we can go over what things we can work on in order to make sure the walk is constructive, safe, and positive.