+R is for every dog, every breed and we are so happy to be able to offer companion classes to help better dogs lives.




Training with love and training for life

All Breeds, temperaments, and sizes are welcome to take our classes! We do have limitations on class sizes and reactivity levels though for the safety of all participants.
We are strictly a +R (positive reinforcement) business. This means there is zero tolerance for choke, chain or shock collars, or any form of physical or verbal punishment.


Be advised, safety does come first and a reactive dog may be asked to wear a muzzle for everyone's safety, including their own.

Ready to 'Walk This Way'?

Learn critical skills to a happy, healthy walk where you and your dog communicate like as a team. We'll help teach you the stages of learning loose leash walking skills, how to practice AND play some fun games to help have the perfect loose leash walk.

This class is eligible for our Project Trade Program!

The Pet Dog Ambassador program is a pet manners training program for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes.

Through the 5-step credentialing program you can teach your pet some much needed life skills in a fun and supportive environment, helping your pet become the Ambassador they deserve to be in your family and community. 

The PDA program builds over five levels to the Championship Level. Dogs as young as 4 months of age can enroll and begin gaining their first credentials very quickly learning these important skills.

For a pet dog that has reached 6 months of age you can begin them at level 2. Your pet will learn about car manners, how to enter and leave buildings. How to leave and recall back to you. And let’s not forget stay or settle!

Level 1 and Level 2 (whichever is your first) is eligible for our Project Trade Program!

Prices and Length coming soon!