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Bachelor of Design - 2013

Continuing Education Units

Learn How To Teach Kids To Be Safe Around Dogs Presented by Joan Orr

The Canine Emotional Detox, The Missing Link Presented by Diane Garrod

Do You Understand The Concept of Empowerment in Pet Dog Training? With Nikki Tudge

Balancing Client Confidentiality and Ethics in a Social Media World

Social Learning in Dogs: A Study of Learning by Observation and it's Efficacy in Training by Jan Casey

Behaviour Chain Fundamentals. Presented by Louise Stapleton-Frappell

Dog Separation Anxiety - Mission Possible! Presented by Malena DeMartini

Pestering Pooches: Helping Dogs go from Crazy and Wild Mannered and Mild. Presented by Kristi Benson

Canine Nail Care: Creating Cooperative Care Through Training. Presented by Lori Nanan

Solutions for Working with Shy, Fearful, or Anxious Dogs. Presented by Kathy Cascade PT PCT-A Tellington TTouch Instructor

"But My Dog Isn't Food-Motivated" Presented by Kathy Sdao

Stop Coaching, Start Training by Veronica Boutelle

Negative Punishment, Negative Reinforcement and the Humane Hierarchy with Jean Donaldson

The Most Challenging Behavious Cases with Diane Garrod

An Instructional websinar on the CARE protocal by Jennifer Titus

Toddlers & Dogs... The dynamic Duo with Jennifer Shryock

How to Teach a Dog to Love a Harness by Louise Stapleton-Frappell

Errorless Learning: Setting up for success by Kate Mallatratt

Rocket Recall: If you BUILD it they will COME! by Lisa & Brad Waggoner

Stressed Out: Dofs, Hormones, and Stress by Dr. Jessica Hekman DVM PhD

Understanding Aggression in Dogs by Sezan Ozgunay

Walk This Way Instructor Program

Pet Dog Ambassador Instructor & Assessor

Dog Bite Prevention Educator

Victoria Scattergood WTWI
PDA Assessor V Scattergood_001.png

Keet'ha NTD - Australian Cattle Dog

Kind of a turd, kind of a sweety. Sturdy and reliable, Keet'ha is who you will often see at training classes as the demo dog. Born Dec 30 2013 she's a bit of an older gal but she's still got lots of spice left in her to tell off the rude puppies when they're messing about too much. 

Keet'ha has never worked cattle or sheep, only people ;) She's a bit afraid of cows in fact but she'll 100% tell Victoria where and when to walk.

Victoria DN-WTWI - Owner

Fearless and passionate, there's not much that could frighten Victoria (except maybe a spider).


The proud owner of Wild Tails she has been around critters of all sizes her whole life. but it wasn't until after getting her Bachelor of Design at ACAD she knew an office job just wouldn't cut it for her. Then she found her best friend Keetha. She knew her calling was to do something with animals, and to learn and teach. It started with working as a daycare attendant and her fascination with training only grew. Since then Victoria has expanded her knowledge base, continuing her training education and actively working to improve. As a member of the PPG, she has a wonderfully vast library of science-based, and current information.